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Frequently Asked Questions

Chiropractic care is a form of natural healthcare that focuses on diagnosing and treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders. It uses manual adjustment techniques and other adjunctive therapies to help you function better, reduce pain, and improve overall health.

Yes! Chiropractors are doctors who have completed specialized training in chiropractic care at an accredited institution. They must also pass state board exams before they can practice.

The frequency of your treatments will depend on your condition and needs. Many patients find relief within a short period of time, while others may require more time. Some practice members increase their visits during an acute period or flare-up of their symptoms. We will work with you to develop a personalized plan for your care that meets your specific needs.

Absolutely! We will use techniques tailored specifically for you and provide additional guidance regarding lifestyle habits such as exercise, nutrition, posture, and stress management that can help support your progress. Chiropractic care is also non-invasive and medication-free, making it a safe and effective way to manage musculoskeletal issues.

An initial visit to our office typically includes a physical examination, range of motion tests, postural assessments, neurological tests, and digital x-rays if necessary. After diagnosis, we will create a personalized treatment plan consisting of manual adjustments, stretching and strengthening exercises, or other adjunctive treatments.

Before your first visit, providing us with your medical history and the symptoms that are bringing you in is essential. You may also be asked to fill out paperwork about your lifestyle habits and general health. It can also be helpful to write down questions or concerns so that you are prepared for your appointment.

Many insurance plans provide coverage for chiropractic care, although this varies depending on the policy and provider. We can help figure that out for you! We also offer convenient payment options if you don’t have coverage.